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High DefenitioncInstant Switchable Privacy for your home and business


HD Smart Glass/Film aims at customer objectives by providing customized integrated solution. We design, fabricate, and install aluminium and HD glass products like windows, curtain walls, skylights, pergolas, sliding doors, bi-folding doors, and so on. Our products and services come with promised finishing and vast time frame.

As leaders in the market, we do a substantial contribution in developing, and installation of aluminium and smart glass fabrication for residential and commercial spaces. We are the best in supplying architectural glasses and provides services like window glass, glass door, frameless shower enclosure, office glass partition, kitchen glass partition and all smart glass-aluminium works. Our quality works are the priority among the leading architects keeping up the excellence in the architecture industry.

Our focus mainly goes on meeting the client requirements and needs through a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals operating with machineries and tools adopting the latest technologies. We are confident in pursuing challenging projects at a competitive price, setting trends in the industry.



HD Smart Glass is capable of and proven in all aluminium and glazing works in projects such as high rise residential buildings and villas handling curtain wall projects, windows and doors, composite panel claddings, interior metal and glassworks. Our customer-centric approach through premium craftsmanship, engineering values, innovative ideas, technical aesthetics gives a creative vision to your dream projects.

We put forward a quite affordable price concocting new designs in different types of glass like clear, frosted, wire, reflective etc. Our method includes accessorizing your home in a stylish modern way using aluminium doors and panels which are lightweight and sturdy. Our aluminium fabrication is popular among all architects and builders due to its energy-efficient nature provided they are manufactured, fabricated, assembled and inspected under controlled conditions.

Our policy is to work with you to determine styles, colours, glass types or any similar requirements without compromising the quality and ensure timely delivery.


HD Smart Glass  is the largest service provider in UAE for aluminium and smart glasswork to serve commercial properties. We provide encapsulating protection on walls, roof and fenestration which are the most critical elements of commercial space. Our design and construction save your commercial building from solar gains, air leaks, moisture control, thermal losses and configurated to bring daylight into the building.

We define your building on a creative level which is tailor-made includes

  • Curtain walls
  • Roofs and skylight
  • Metal facades
  • Louvres
  • Doors and windows varieties like fixed, folding, revolving, sliding, hinged, swing, frameless, fire-rated, automatic.
  • Partitions like glazed, screen printed, privacy glass
  • Architectural works on flooring, counters, screens, pergolas, shop front, lift enclosure, canopy.
  • Balustrades of glass and metal
  • Handrails
  • Storefront aluminium doors and frames
  • Aluminium door sidelights
  • Storefront windows.


HD Smart Glass commercial door features

  • Durable
  • Rust free
  • Easy caring
  • Long life
  • Secure
  • Ideal for high traffic
  • Withstand high humidity
  • Non-corrosive
  • Allows glass inserts



Our products will enhance the look and feel stamping the first impression on your storefront or commercial business. We are the ones with extensive knowledge on the range of smart glassworks providing a personalized glass according to your taste, style and design you like. The products here are custom designed, engineered and fabricated to the architectural specifications and budget allowances.


The artwork on HD Filml is the modern alternative and HD Smart Glass is the best in producing stunning custom glass creations. Our service makes it appealing and stylish with endless options on

  • Glass tables
  • Kitchen splash-backs
  • Shower screens
  • Pool fencing


We do customise designing with dramatic patterns which demonstrate the current trend and in fine craftsmanship by our experts. Our large collection of glass borders are elegant crafted in time and honour. The professional designers here show off your brand’s personality with a custom stained glass logo, that stands out in the competition making your vision come to life.


Our quick understanding in designing your style captures exactly how you need the logo on the smart glass. We show you the world through our logo designs on glass, communicating to your potential customers through colour, shape and other elements. Our ideas, trends and tips are mega secret and ultra-exclusive.





Sliding door application is limitless in residential and commercial areas. We provide different configurations like multi-panel, bypass, pockets, corner doors, patio doors and proper solutions in any colour, for your desire. Our product quality makes it long-lasting and have a provision to select custom sliding doors to fit your taste and style. Our sliding door features include:

  • Insulates both hot and cold temperatures
  • Can withstand hurricanes and depression winds.
  • Resist severe weather conditions.
  • Protects your family and belongings.
  • Keep strong winds at bay.
  • Ward off harmful UV light.
  • Waterproof


We put forward a broad selection list for the same that fits within your budget without compromising on quality and keeping up periodic maintenance.


We can also divide yours with our collection of folding doors. It is optimum for the partition of rooms and so easy to operate on. Its features and benefits include

  • Excellent for areas with space constraints.
  • Gives a decorative look
  • Safe for children.
  • Waterproof and fire retardant.
  • Maintains privacy.
  • Ones with glass windows allow the daylight to come inside.


Our folding doors create a new accent enhancing the creativity and style factor. Folding doors is the first option for many users to their luxury feeling, its style and main highlighting feature is its thermal efficiency.


The swing doors can make your home and commercial building the most beautiful, safe one and efficient on the block

  • High-security protection
  • Easy operation.
  • Energy efficiency.


Swing doors make a lasting first impression contributing to the clean look with simple door adjustability and with a concerned hinge system.




HD Smart Glass is an aluminium and glass service provider with a team of experienced professionals to perform installations and services. We are always available to ensure protection in times of need offering exceptional quality services to the clients. Any installation in a complex medical office is ensured on satisfaction and specialized treatments, done to perfection with dedicated resources.

At medical offices, we offer many services like broken glass repair from unexpected events including 24-hour emergency services in a cost-effective manner.


Medical field-glass walls and partitions create a unique atmosphere that benefits both staff and patients. The surgical suite designed by us influences the efficacy of treatment together with the patient and staff experience. The so provided smart glass panels are flat and free of pores, resist living organisms and chemical substances also protecting us from fire, noise and x-rays thus improving patient care. Our glass elements generate a friendly and appealing environment. Hospital doors can be

  • Hinged
  • Sliding
  • Single leaf
  • Double leaf
  • Manual
  • Motorised




Bathrooms with smart glass partition is a smart investment in your home giving a luxurious and spacious feel. Our product takes the aesthetics a level up and customizes the idea as per your concept without going for the in-built one. You can experience the perfect installations from us with engineered measuring and cutting of super quality HD smart glass.


Our product will take you to the new aspiration, the bathrooms that makes you able to relax, to change your mood, importantly we do the way you want it. The shower enclosures we create comes in different designs, angles and types.


HD Smart Glass is the pioneering one providing a fully integrated and comprehensive solution that can be demonstrated with obvious and hidden benefits. Our solution results in great cleanliness and more space with unique designs that create an impression resulting in a natural good aesthetic. It reflects multifaceted as per your tastes.


The concept is based on the geometric shapes together with its calm and understated designs creating a positive bathroom ambience together with the highest level of convenience. Our spectacular gorgeous works with colour, fitting, tempered safety glass includes:

  • Glass shower doors
  • Sliding shower doors
  • Bathroom shower doors
  • Custom shower enclosures
  • Frameless shower enclosures




HD smart glass can instantly, precisely and uniformly control the light, glare and entering the yachts, vehicles and planes. We provide an exclusive set of aesthetic benefits with reduced energy consumption, greater comfort and efficient use of daylight empowering connection with the environment. Our HD smart glass controls incoming light, glare and heat improving the well-being of occupants and vehicle passengers.


We provide a complete solution and innovation with elegant design automotive, aerospace and marine projects. Our smart glass can bring out greater satisfaction in aircraft for both staff and passengers with a sophisticated design and simplicity. Our work provides complete privacy with a clear view and unlimited management of light.


Our smart glass can enhance the driving experience too. Smart glass windows and visors improve the comfort and safety of vehicle occupants, with proper heating and cooling systems instantly.

In the marine yachts, passengers have to protected from the water light and glare. Our smart glass can perform many multiple functions elegantly, such as privacy and security on-demand with space-consuming shades. Our smart glass can also cope up with the bright conditions providing precise shading with view preservation.

Trust us! We can change your view!!!




Modern home design is fully loaded with glasses inside and outside, glass walls, windows, partitions and many more. Smart glasses are the way to smart home automation and bring out the latest innovations in the industry. HD Smart glass films differ for each client needs and we are even proficient in transforming the existing at your home to a smart one through appropriate technologies.


Smart glass efficiency ranges from transparency to opaque creating openness in the interior with the desired flow of light together with the privacy option. Smart glass home automation change your home feeling and experience without compromising on design and functionality.


Our experience in the industry leads us to take forward the challenge to feature the flexibility to control the amount of light that comes into your home, adjustable based on the environmental factors and time. Smart glass showers and bathrooms in an automatic and long-lasting way, in an easy way to clean and disinfect, are our outstanding features. We can make you improve your lifestyle in an intelligent and technical aspect and bring in a ‘wow’ effect.




HD smart glass Put forward sustainable approach elegantly conserving energy, enlightened the smart quintessence. The sustainability factor is embraced within us in every project, as we mainly deal with glass which is a sustainable material. Glass is energy efficient right from its manufacture and optimises the daylight and reduces artificial energy consumption.


Smart glasses can create a healthy productive environment causing the least burden to the environment. Our HD smart glasses are highly energy-efficient ensuring sustainability on a day to day basis changes their qualities to make more space and more energy-efficient. Certain ones are also initiated with some static electricity.


Sustainability initiates energy consumption and advanced light control without disruption to the existing glazings. So the demand for smart glass will become abrupt. Contact us for the fully functional and the best.


Smart glass products provide a broad range of sustainability benefits. In addition to energy savings through solar energy control and daylight harvesting, smart glass also supports the well-being and productivity of occupants and the security of facilities. Smart glass is an important component of high performing buildings that have low energy consumption, and that is healthy, fulfilling and safe place to work and live.




HD smart glass is customised and designed to work in any environment like residential, commercial and over many products and applications like doors, partitions, launches etc. These intelligent glass types can also be installed on existing ones and upgraded. We are dedicated to deal with all our smart glass services that perfectly suit your needs.


Smart glass is easily integrated into various types of partition systems and IGU’s, making it ideal for interior and exterior applications in offices, hotels, residences, and healthcare facilities. We recognise the need to be different from our competitors and we also understand that just being different isn’t enough.


We distinguish ourselves within the industry by staying at the forefront of technological developments and our extensive knowledge in the glass processing industry sets us apart from our competitors with the following features.

  • Instant Privacy
  • Reliable & Practical
  • Suitable for New or Existing Glass
  • Doubles as a Projection Screen
  • Contemporary Style
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Cost-Effective
  • Custom Sizes

Instant, Switchable Privacy

Instant, Switchable Privacy For Your Home or Business Spaces at the flick of a switch.

Less mess

Easy to handle and leaves behind less mess to handle.

Your life, your rules

Smart Glass/Films allows home or business owners transparency when they want it and privacy when they don’t. It can also be activated according to pre-set rules.

Saves from heat

It Ensures Privacy & Security But Also Reduces Heat & Saves Energy

Designed for all

It caters to the need of all types of business and residential projects

What are the Feauters?

Control HD Smart glass with
the following options and be easy

it can be controlled with a variety of devices
and can be easily configured to work with
your smart home automation technology.

Simple switch
Control the transparency with simple switch
The HD Smart Glass/Films integrates with a variety of remote control options
A dimmer allows you to control the opacity of HD Smart Glass/Film
Smartphone & Smart Switch
With Automation compatibility make the HD Smart Glass/Film a part of your smart home
HD Smart Glass can be controlled by Movement sensors, Light sensors and timers
Where are the Applications & Uses ?

How it works ?

When Switched Off

When the glass is not powered, liquid crystal molecules contained within the glass are randomly scattered. These crystal molecules refract incoming light in all directions, completely obscuring the view behind the glass.

When Switched On

When the glass is supplied with an electrical current, the liquid molecules align, and allow a high percentage of incident light to pass through unaffected , making the panel clear instantly.

How to place
an Order ?

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eThe average time to manufacture the smart glass units is 15-25 days depending on the size and scope of your project.
Delivery & Installation
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