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Innovation Leaders
HD Smart Glass is the innovation leader in intelligent glass technologies, is there for you through every step of your project, from design to installation, so you can have peace of mind and the confidence of having the best products and support available.
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Our personnel are continuously trained to offer you the best of services. This allows us to take advantage of the most recent available method from the industry to do our job in a professional, state of the art and economical.
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We create and maintain long-term relationships with our customers through effective communication and constructive feedbacks. Our team offer constant support during your project.

HD smart glass

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HD Smart Glass
HD Smart Glass is a smart glass/film that serves as an electronic blind/partition or privacy screen and offers instant visual privacy at the touch of a button.
HD Sun Shield
HD Sun Shield is a self-darkening dynamic glass that gradually transforms in the presence of bright
sunlight and heat to provide protection to the living spaces.
HD Mirror TV
It is more than an average TV, it is a stylish mirror when not in use. Make your living spaces more than attractive with HD Mirror TV Technology
Aluminium and Glass
HD Smart Glass/Film aims at customer objectives by providing customized integrated solution. We design, fabricate, and install aluminum and HD glass products like windows, curtain walls, skylights, pergolas, sliding doors, bi-folding doors, and so on.
HD Solar
HD Solar is transparent photovoltaic glass generates free and clean electricity thanks to the sun, turning buildings into vertical power generators
HD Privacy
HD Privacy can be manually ‘tuned’ to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through the window.

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